My new city bike. Old French bike from 30’s. It was really rotten when I got it. Frame is cleaned and clear coated.

All rusty parts are cleaned with acid. Wheels, saddle, seatpost, grips, cables, chain, pedals and freewheel is new rest is original.

More photos HERE

2 Responses to “Velo De Ville”

  1. Cooper says:

    What knd of acid do you use for clening the rusty frame? I really feel happy about people knowing that rust looks better than a cheply paintjob!

  2. Olli says:

    Hey, on the frame I didn’t use acid. I cleaned it with smooth sandpaper, metal wool, hard brush and soap. I used Phosphoric acid for cranks, rear rack, fender supports, bell, handlebar, levers. etc. Thanks! I really like this “paint job” as well, I think it goes nicely with rest of the bike. Also because bike is now in everyday use, its better like this than with fresh nice paint job.