Suomalainen Design Book 2008 FIN

My article in Finnish Design Book (2008)

4 Photos

Moottori Magazine 9/2006 FIN

Funky Elephant and Jopo Freak in Finnish Moottori magazine (2006)

3 Photos

Tipo Mag JP

My digital art in Japanese Tipo magazine n:221 (2007)

8 Photos

Hiro Magazine 2008 PL

Jopo Freak in Polish Hiro Magazine (2008)

3 Photos

Primer Annual 2004 FIN

Ural in Finnish HotRod book (2004)

4 Photos

MCM 6/2004 SWE

My Ural in Swedish MCM magazine (2004)

6 Photos

Street Chopper 12/2005 USA

My Ural in Street Chopper Magazine (2005)

8 Photos

Kopteri n:57 FIN

My Ural in Kopteri 57 (2004)

12 Photos

Pikajalka Magazines FIN

Articles of my bicycles in Finnish Pikajalka magazines.

6 Photos

Planete 2cv n:63 FRA

My digital art in French Planete 2cv n:63 (2007)

12 Photos

Planete 2cv n:68 FRA

My work in cover of Planete 2CV number: 68 (2008)

3 Photos

Planete 2cv 69 FRA

Rat Azu in Planete 2cv n:69 (2008)

1 Photos

Wild Magazine FRA

Ural in French Wild Magazine (2008)

12 Photos