Forkless - Cruiser

My Graduation Project for Institute of Design in Lahti - Finland. VIDEO

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Penny Farthing

The Ordinary bicycle. All parts exept bearings and few bolts are made by me.VIDEO

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Vélo de Rêve

Full custom Randonneur bicycle.

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Takhion Replica

Replica project of legendary Soviet track bike.

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Takhion Replica Vol.2

New lo pro street fixed for grazy pursuit summer 2012!

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Pyrkijä Triporteur

Finnish Pyrkijä Triporteur/Cargo trike. Rear part of bike is completely missing, but that is not too hard to build from regular bicycle. Original wheel size is 24" in front and 26" in rear. This bike is from 50's I guess, but I'm planing to customize it more in early 1900's style, so I will build it with big 28" (635) wheels in every corner. This bike belong originally to SOK-market in Sysmä.

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Velo De Ville

My new city bike. Old French bike from 30's. It was really rotten when I got it. Frame is cleaned and clear coated. All rusty parts are cleaned with acid. Wheels, saddle, seatpost, grips, cables, chain, pedals and freewheel is new rest is original.

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Vélo d\'hiver

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Aero SS

Custom built city singlespeed

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Jopo Track

Jopo is a legendary finnish city bike, from 60-70's. I'm converting one to be trendy city bike ;)

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Somec Pista

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Kosmos Fixie

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Rossin Ghibli Custom Pursuit

Heavily modified old rossin Ghibli.

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First chopper project since 2008.

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Chopper project made out of well chosen parts in 8 hours.

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Jopo freak

Jopo Freak was my first forkless bicycle build. Jopo is Finnish city bike from 60-70s.

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SUV aka Winter Fixie

Offroad fixie. Rims are 80mm 24" Rigidas and tires are Nokia Gazzaloddi 3x24". Frame and fork are all home made. Bottom bracket is widened 2cm. Bike is whit 46-23 ratio.

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Funky Elephant - Chopper

My old daily driver. I made this in 2004.

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Ligne Noire - Chopper

Black and white chopper whit mono "swing forks", 3 speed rear hub + jockey shifter.

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Leaf Green - Chopper

Chopper whit mono leaf springer. Made in 2008

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Red Oxide - Chopper

Chopper what I made by using 20s bikes wheels. Bike is now in south France.

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Solex - The Sidewalk Surfer

Project I made for Dreamachine Motorcycles in Slovenia

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Fixed Mono Rog

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Vintage Track - Peugeot

Peugeot Fixed Gear Track racer I made out of early -90's Peugeot street bike. Hubs, sprocket, cranck, seat, handle bar and stem are old parts from 20-50's Frame is shortened 4cm and drop outs are changed for horisontal ones. Paint is fake patina whit some real rust. Rigida rims are made more round and patina painted.

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Pripyat Fixed

I made this bike in 6 hours. I made it for 'Wool Ride', organized by Frame of the bike is made out of 3 very, very rotten 30-40's frames. WW2 era Victoria bicycle fork is straighten and shorten. Rims I made before for some other projects. This experimental project worked all that Ride very fine and its still going strong!

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20's bike

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Dyno Slammer

1995 Slammer. Small restoration project.

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